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MIGHTMalaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology
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Fourth: "Saddam, if sufficiently desperate, might decide that
Obsidian" offers such artful balance, with the Vital Might stretching to cover the uptempo charge of "These Strange Lives Inside" as well as dramatic sweep of "Slow and Sound.
It is not surprising that a true assertion will be inappropriate, and may seem false, if it generates a false implicature: We should avoid conveying falsehoods, whether the falsehood conveyed is part of truth-conditional content of the assertion or is an implicature generated by the assertion, and where something false is conveyed by the making of an assertion, it's not surprising that we might mistake that for the assertion's itself being false.
On the one hand, the notion of "our generation" is largely a marketing fiction, refracted in a thousand Pepsi commercials (and bloodily vivisected in the defunct pages of Might, Eggers's first magazine).