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MIGRAMichigan International Gay Rodeo Association (Dearborn, MI)
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El hombre suele realizar trabajos fuera del predio entre los meses de noviembre a mayo, periodo en el cual migra a la provincia de Mendoza-Argentina, para realizar trabajos en un semillero de girasol de una empresa transnacional.
section] 1983 (the logical pre-Schiavo Relief Act source of a federal cause of action to relitigate the feeding tube issue), see, for example, Migra v.
Allen and Migra together appear to establish that a
Down south, they have the migra trucks that sit outside and scare people away," she says.
As a resident of a border state, living in the shadow of the border patrol, I can testify: Give the cops the power to act as migra and we will see magnified the problems we suffer thanks to an out of control patrol.
Matthiessen, say, functioned like a migra (INS officer)?
The migra, as it's known here, comes to serve, protect and watch.
La Migra [immigration police] were patrolling the borders," Rodrigo told JS.
A series of acute economic crises in Mexico and successive peso devaluations have increased exponentially the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States, causing the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), commonly called la migra, to step up its border controls.
New research was engendered by the 150th anniversary of the Great Famine and not just research on the nineteenth century but also comparative studies of forced migra tion of other peoples in other parts of the world in the present.
None has the coveted green card, and all live in fear of a raid by the migra.
Early on in the expedition, I was on the lookout for migra tory San and Khoi Khoi (the latter formerly known as Hotten tots, a derogatory Dutch label mocking their speech), about whom I had been reading since childhood.