MIHEMarkfield Institute of Higher Education (UK)
MIHEMinority Institutions of Higher Education
MIHEMake It Happen Entertainment (music promotion; New York)
MIHEMayapur Institute for Higher Education (India)
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BCN now is partnering with MIHE to provide weight management and lifestyle modification interventions to obese adult members statewide.
For members who don't qualify for the MIHE program, BCN offers a separate Weigh to Go(TM) weight loss and fitness program through its health education department.
Reinert said BCN's goal is enrolling 700 members into the MIHE program by Dec.
To participate with MIHE, members must be willing to make a 12-month commitment to achieve either a 60-pound weight loss or reach their goal weight within 12 months.
MIHE will provide participants with an evaluation of their current fitness level, a readiness-to-change assessment, diet assessment and nutritional counseling, physical activity goal, telephone support calls from professional staff, and Internet support through Web-based materials and coaching.
This unique approach to outreach and contracting is unprecedented at the FHWA and will go a long way toward advancing our strategic goals and strengthening the ties between our agency and MIHEs.