MIHRMining Industry Human Resources (Canada)
MIHRCentre for Management of Intellectual Property in Health Research and Development
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Although Olga Chunakova thinks that the phrase pes Mihr est ("stand before Mithra"), from Andarz-l Adurbad-l Mahrspandan 134, ed.
Dihqan's complicated depiction of the war front in novels and short stories has earned him the respect of diverse readers and critics in Iran, despite its publication with Surih-yi Mihr, the official publishing house of Iranian government-sponsored Artistic Center of the Islamic Development Organization.
The ICC "has jurisdiction when a crime is committed in a country that has signed up to the Rome Statute that is unable or unwilling to try the case, or because the Security Council referred the case to the ICC," and only considers crimes committed after 2002, according to Mihr.
Oliver best known for his role in the Poltergeist movies teamed with Mihr on a mission to design clothes for horror movie fans, and those who appreciate pop culture.
For biographical sketches of Mihr Chand and Polier see Anthony Welch and Stuart Cary Welch, Arts of the Islamic Book: The Collection of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, Ithaca: Cornell University Press for the Asia Society, 1982, p.
Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: A Handbook of Best Practices (Oxford: MIHR, 2007) 431.
Sellisteks olenditeks on naiteks pimeduseprints Ahriman (= Angra Mainyu, kes on ka zoroastrismis peamine kurjuse kehastus), Ohrmizd (= Ahura Mazda, kes on aga maniluses degradeeritud peajumalast esimeseks inimeseks, kes langeb pimedusejoudude ohvriks), Mihr (= jumal Mithra), kes on partia ja sogdi manihheistlikus traditsioonis Valguse Isa kolmas saadik (96) jpt.
He argues that Slavic mir is related to Iranian Mithra which in Middle Persian is mihr.
Although mihr is both "sun" and "love" (but the meaning "sun" is only active on an iham level), Sharlet misunderstands its intention here--as well as, to these reviewers, incomprehensibly rendering wajd and hal, two hallowed terms used by mystics, to denote "distress" instead of "ecstasy.
We typically find that no matter where we go across Northern Ontario, there are demographic issues in the sense that we need to replace retiring workers," said Jamie Wolcott, an economist with MiHR.