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MILADMilitary Advisor
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RTA employees Mariam Al Kutbi and Milad Jad Faraj Allah were honoured by Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA.
MP Milad congratulated the minister on the Royal trust of appointing him as Minister of Labour and Social Development, asserting the importance of constant cooperation to develop the relationship between the legislative and executive bodies and reap the benefit to all.
The DCO directed all the departments concerned to ensure appropriate measures for smooth conduct of the annual event and Milad conference besides foolproof security arrangements keeping in view prevailing law and order situation in the country.
Moreover, administration also beefed up the security arrangements for the Milad attendees.
According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Milad said that his character will be much more present in this sequel, as the TV drama's director, Bassem Al Mulla, wanted to focus on making parts six and seven totally different to their five previous ones.
Thousands of people attend prayers at the shrine on the night before Milad un-Nabi.
We discussed the issues of equal representation and principle and values," said Mr Milad.
Formerly a well-known wedding singer, Milad is nicknamed "Stereo.
This makes people lose the good nature that they were born with and start harassing others," said John Milad, a 35-year-old director and art therapist.
George Milad has 28 years in PCB manufacturing and is the Manager for Technology at UIC/Uyemura.
The distraught mother told how Milad returned to London from the United States, where he had been visiting his girlfriend, just three days before the attack in April last year.
The Milad Trust will support pupils who fall behind in school, providing them with careers advisers.