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MILADMilitary Advisor
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All the Heads of the Departments and Faculty members and students were present in large number in Mehfil e Milad.
This Milad shows our sincere belief and love for our beloved Prophet (PBUH),' he added.
On my first day here a teacher asked me how old I was and I couldn't even answer a question as simple as that," said Milad.
Providing a more comprehensive range of services, and the combination of tax and legal services, will yield great benefits for our clients," said Maher Milad Iskander, managing partner of Maher Milad Iskander and Co.
BEIRUT: A twisting tale of love and revenge led to Milad A.
According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Milad said that his character will be much more present in this sequel, as the TV drama's director, Bassem Al Mulla, wanted to focus on making parts six and seven totally different to their five previous ones.
The distraught mother told how Milad returned to London from the United States, where he had been visiting his girlfriend, just three days before the attack in April last year.
Milad founded an artistic troupe called 'Wa Lessa' (There are More), whose performances mainly deal with the idea of human rights and freedoms.
Milad Tower which hosted the two previous festivals has been chosen for the third time as the special movie hall for Iranian artists and journalists.
Milad has nearly 25 years experience in the PCB industry and is Uyemura's National Accounts Manager of Technology.
Set in the Middle East, in and around Damascus and the village of Malula, the story of Milad and his strange odyssey through life unfolds for the reader in a narrative recalling a composite of styles and scenes from both the Arabian Nights and the prose of T.
The Milad committee members were Prof Dr Uzaira Rafique, Prof Dr Azra Yasmin, Prof Dr Farhat Jabeen and Prof Dr