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The agreement enables FIS to provide advanced solutions to MiLB and its clubs in three key areas: Ballpark Operations, Merchant Services and Loyalty & Rewards.
An integrated media strategy intended to connect Crayola to the growing base of the MiLB followers is also envisaged by the partners.
Major League Baseball, Evans to Serve as MiLB Umpire Advisor, November 24, 2014; http://www.
As one Storm fan put it in the web comments for the MiLB Mascot Mania contest: I have season tickets to Padres games my daughter thinks they are boring, BUT I decided to invite her to Storms game with me last season , and well .
The Monterrey Sultans of the Mexican League led all MiLB clubs in average crowd (11,145) this season forthe second straight year.
The purpose of this case study is to examine the highly-publicized naming of Richmond's new MiLB team in light of existing brand management theory as well as to learn more about the challenges of creating a new team brand.
Now through September 1, fans will have a chance to vote online for the Triple-A position players and pitchers whom they believe have the brightest futures, with winners announced on MiLB.
As players go from being #CallUpWorthy to #ASGWorthy, we are proud to have Esurance as the single brand currently aligning with MiLB and MLB.
MiLB celebrated its centennial season in 2001 with a year-long celebration.
has soared to record levels over the last decade, despite the stagnation (at best) in MLB television ratings, (12) while American cities have generally taken a more proactive stance than their Canadian peers in respect to exploiting the supposed branding "benefits" of having a MiLB team.
This essay focuses on the nature of outsourcing from the viewpoint of minor league baseball (MiLB) organizations, to discern any similarities or differences in outsourcing decisions among the three classifications commonly referred to as AAA (Triple-A), AA (Double-A), and A (Single-A); as well as between MiLB and previous studies concerning elite intercollegiate athletics programs.