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Las clasificaciones dadas a partir de los limites establecidos por MILCO y Fundes difieren entre si, las cuales se mencionan conjuntamente con los resultados obtenidos en esta investigacion.
and has sales of about $150 million annually, needed to rejuvenate the MILCO brand line.
So, MILCO, a fully owned subsidiary of the National Food Products Company, decided to create a point of differentiation versus other manufacturers based on product freshness assurance due to Fresh-Check[R] indicators.
After reviewing several possible options to upgrade the image of the company's product line, reassure the consumer and improve the freshness from the plant to the store and from the store to home, MILCO selected the FreshCheck program from TEMPTIME.
The Fresh-Check program at MILCO was first tested on a limited number of items from October 2004 to February 2005.
When MILCO fully launched the FreshCheck program, the company planned and executed a broad marketing campaign complete with new signage, billboards, newspaper advertising, shelf talkers, explanatory leaflets and a public relations effort.
The Fresh-Check indicator gave considerable impetus to the MILCO brand comeback program," said Philippe Devismes, Marketing Director of MILCO.
MILCO has experienced a 30% increase in sales and a growing market share since launching the Fresh-Check program and redesigning the product packaging.