MILDEPMilitary Department
MILDEPMilitary Deputy
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Assistance in identifying and pursuing international programs can be obtained from the MILDEP IPOs.
28,115,793,000 for the operation and maintenance of activities and agencies of the DOD, other than the MILDEPs.
This makes sense since each MILDEP has an Assistant Secretary (Financial Management and Comptroller) as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is responsible for financial reporting.
You may also contact your respective MILDEP representative(s) on the SCES team, which are as follows:
The OUSD(C) determined that the best solution to improve the ADA cycle time was to engage the MILDEPs in a week-long LSS session.
In addition to the duties outlined by the MILDEP, Spisak also assumes responsibility for ensuring synchronization of all AAC proponency initiatives with supporting career management organizations in concert with MILDEP direction.
It also provides a unique opportunity for the MILDEP to share his goals and objectives for the future of Army acquisition with those who are ultimately working towards making these goals a reality.
USA USAF USN/MC/CG FSN Industry Other Officer 2 0 1 0 0 0 Civilian 9 6 8 20 1 1 Total 11 6 9 20 1 1 USA USAF USN/MC/CG Other MILDEP 3 4 4 0 IMSO 5 2 4 0 DoD 0 0 0 2 Total 8 6 8 2 EUCOM NORTHCOM SOUTHCOM AFRICOM CENTCOM PACOM COCOM 0 1 0 0 1 SAO 1 7 8 2 4 TOTAL 1 8 8 2 5
Smith Air Force MILDEP Leader and Automation Tools (DSAMs and SCIP) Program Manager 8194 Mr.
It also renders moot the question of who should be the case manager, since training cases are by default managed by the MILDEP security assistance training activities.
Provide cost data to each MILDEP for the purposes of allocating their FMS Administrative budget.
review, National Disclosure Policy Committee (NDPC), MILDEP export