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MILEMinnesota Institute of Legal Education
MILEMobile! Intensive Learning Experience (various schools)
MILEMaster of International Law and Economics (World Trade Institute; graduate degree)
MILEMetadata Image Library Exploitation
MILEMetropolitan Institute for Leadership in Education (University Park, IL)
MILEMedication Information Line for the Elderly
MILEMotorcyclists Improving Legislative Effectiveness
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Another finds that the phenomena of precession and nutation require that the earth, if not entirely solid, must at least have a shell not less than eight hundred to a thousand miles in thickness.
Neither, then, is sufficient to bear us in the safety through eight thousand miles of rock to the antipodes.
They ascended to the foot of the first rapid, about two hundred miles, but could hear nothing of any white men being in the neighborhood.
Lewis and Clarke struck the main body of the river at the forks, about four hundred miles from its mouth.
In a few minutes the far bank, a mile away, unobtrusively came into view, and ahead and behind, the whole frozen river could be seen, with off to the left a wide-extending range of sharp-cut, snow-covered mountains.
But the shot passed some feet above the cetacean, which was half a mile off.
Under the glasses the disc appeared at the distance of five miles.
During the two last days we met with signs of horses, an with several small articles which had belonged to the Indian -- such as parts of a mantle and a bunch of ostrich feathers -- but they appeared to have been lying long on the ground Between the place where the Indians had so lately crosse the river and this neighbourhood, though so many mile apart, the country appears to be quite unfrequented.
I made two mile and a half, and then struck out a quarter of a mile or more towards the middle of the river, because pretty soon I would be passing the ferry landing, and people might see me and hail me.
There, not more than forty or fifty miles from us, glittering like silver in the early rays of the morning sun, soared Sheba's Breasts; and stretching away for hundreds of miles on either side of them ran the great Suliman Berg.
By evening, the log showed that two hundred and twenty miles had been accomplished from Hong Kong, and Mr.
This vast region is situated between the fifteenth and tenth degrees of north latitude; that is to say, that, in order to approach it, the explorer must penetrate fifteen hundred miles into the interior of Africa.