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MILNETMilitary Network
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On November 29, 1988, someone exploiting a security flaw present in older versions of the FTP file transfer program broke into a machine on the MILNET.
Russ Mundy of the Defense Communications Agency reported at the NCSC meeting that the MILNET to ARPANET mailbridges were shut down at 11:30 a.
Medin also informed us that DCA had shut down the mailbridges which serve as gateways between the MILNET and the ARPANET.
The RISKS digest is distributed electronically to individuals and redistribution centers via major computer networks, including ARPANET, MILNET, CSNET, USENET, and BITNET, and reaches Europe and Australia.
In August 1986, we discovered someone was breaking into Lawrence Berkeley Lab's (LBL) computers, becoming superuser, and then attacking other MILNET sites.
Soon afterwards, a message from the National Computer Security Center arrived, reporting that someone from our laboratory had attempted to break into one of their computers through a MILNET connection.