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MILOMini Loader
MILOMagnetically Insulated Line Oscillator
MILOMcMaster Industry Liaison Office (McMaster University; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
MILOMaryland Interlibrary Loan Organization (Baltimore, MD)
MILOMilitary Intelligence Liaison Officer
MILOMine Locomotive (electric underground mine)
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Vargas could've also thanked Milo and other firms involved in national sports development.
The company further clarified that Milo was made with milk, malt (barley), and cocoa powder and contains vitamins, minerals including Vitamins B2, B3, B6, and C.
Milo needs 24/7 care from his parents and will never have the ability to crawl, stand or walk.
After being introduced to Milo, Celia progressed three full grades in a 9-month period.
Milo and Georgie is engaging and fun, realistic and absurd in the appropriate places.
Milo, who describes himself as the "most fabulous supervillain on the internet," also (https://www.
Centre manager Angela Wetherall said Milo was a friendly chap who gets on well with other dogs, walks well on his lead and loves an afternoon nap.
There was a 9-hole game everyday for each participant on course where Milo helped them sharpen their golfing skills and showed them how to adapt to game situations.
We are thrilled with this award, which solidifies our long standing position as a supplier to the Department of State for our award winning MILO Range Training Systems," commented Robert McCue, MILO Range Training Systems General Manager.
But he is proving to be very protective of little Milo.