MILPMixed-Integer Linear Programming
MILPMixed Integer Linear Program
MILPMixed Integer Linear Problem (mathematics)
MILPMonash Interview for Liaison Psychiatry (psychosomatic medicine)
MILPMinor Leage Paintball (league)
MILPMitogen-Induced Lymphocyte Proliferation
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This solution was then the basis for the final MILP model, developed in the Eplex library [19] of the [ECL.
are computed by solving the attacker's MILP for the given defender's policy [zeta], as described above in this section.
As illustrated in Figure 1, in this paper an MILP model with seven echelons for a closed-loop supply chain network problem is proposed.
The AP/OA/ER method (Viswanathan, Grossmann 1990) inside the MINLP computer package DICOPT (DIscrete and Continuous OPTimizer) solves series of NLP sub-problems and MILP master problems.
Kevin Grant, IALD, CEng, MILP, MIET, MSLL, SLL Lighting Diploma, is a Buro Happold associate and group leader for Happold Lighting.
Recursive MILP model for finding all the alternate optima in LP models for metabolic networks.
Combined strategic and operational planning -- an MILP success story in chemical industry.
In (Simonis, 2008) authors use MILP (mixed integer linear programming) and a PseudoBoolean model mapped to a SAT solver for solving kakuro puzzles.
ILP and MILP are problems were objective and constraints functions are linear and all variables or only some of them are integers.
A MILP decomposition approach to large scale optimization in structural design of energy supply systems.
PARIS splits the time horizon into several periods and formulates an MILP (mixed integer linear programming) problem.