MILPERSMANMilitary Personnel Manual (USN)
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The PSD may make corrections to local records and/or submit changes to NPC in accordance with MILPERSMAN 1070-210, or in accordance with the regulation governing original document.
Recommendation: Review MILPERSMAN 1220-260 for diving requalification guidance and review all divers service records to ensure entries are up to date.
Per MILPERSMAN 1070-180, photographs must be attached to NAVPERS 1070/884.
Interestingly enough, the Navy's MILPERSMAN 7000-020 only refers to attorneys in the context of referring debtors to legal assistance attorneys.
MILPERSMAN 1220-100 exhibit 5 provides dive re-qualification standards.
These billets are clearly spelled out in MILPERSMAN 1301-202 and include billets/commands such as flag aide, White House, and the Naval Academy.
The NAVADMIN references MILPERSMAN 1070-180 revised April 07.
MILPERSMAN 1306-126, First-Term Personnel Assignment Policy: http://buperscd.
Answer: Per MILPERSMAN 1810-020 and for fiscal reasons, NPC Retirements cannot cut orders more than one year from your retirement date.
Answer: The NAVADMIN references MILPERSMAN 1070180 revised April 07.
A list of the ultimate source ratings for each program can be found in MILPERSMAN Article 1220-120.
NAVPERS 158391 Officer Manpower and Personnel Classification Manual (Part B for Subspecialty Codes) (Part D for Additional Qualification Designations) MILPERSMAN 1214-010/1214-020