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MILSMultiple Independent Levels of Security
MILSMilitary Standard
MILSMission interministérielle de lutte contre les sectes (Interministerial Mission in the Fight Against Cults; France)
MILSMaternally Inherited Leigh's Syndrome
MILSMissile Impact Location System
MILSMicrosoft International Language Services
MILSMilitary Standard Logistics System
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Effective January 1, 2004, no new or developing DoD logistics systems shall use either MILS formatted messages, or MILS messages wrapped with XML headers/tags, for information interchanges in support of business processes covered by the DoD 4000.
Effective by close-of-business December 31, 2004, MILS formatted messages shall no longer be used within or between DoD systems.
Beginning in September, MILS will dedicate six specialized tanker trucks to the delivery of OR-LED additive to customers.