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MILSTARMilitary Strategic Tactical Relay
MILSTARMilitary Strategic, Tactical & Relay (SATCOM)
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The current architecture consists of a mix of military-specific Milstar and AEHF satellites, said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of defense and intelligence systems for Hughes Network Systems.
Designed as a protected, global network, the first Milstar launched in 1994 aboard a Titan IV rocket.
The programme aims to replace the legacy USAF MILSTAR SATCOM constellation [c] Lockheed Martin
Milstar and Advanced Extremely High Frequency could be seen as space servers in an Enterprise-wide network.
Another major consolidation effort is the Consolidated Orbital Operations Logistics Sustainment (COOLS) contract, which will yield efficiencies by merging existing sustainment efforts supporting the Defense Satellite Communications System, Milstar, and AEHF constellations under a single contract.
The lasercom cross-link and RF hybrid terminals will also provide wideband connectivity between terrestrial data networks such as the GIG bandwidth expansion (GIG-BE) and battlefield networks such as the War Fighters Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T), Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS), and existing satellites such as Milstar and DSCS.
This milestone achievement clearly demonstrates our prototype terminal's ability to be recognized by and communicate effectively with Milstar satellites while in full platform motion," said Sheldon Fox, vice president and general manager of Department of Defense Programs, Harris Government Communications Systems Division.
It will deliver 10 times greater total capacity and channel data rates six times higher than that of Milstar II communication satellites.
In addition to the new LO coatings, the B-2 Spirits are receiving a new UHF communications system and, by the end of the decade, will also be connected to the new Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite-communications (SATCOM) system, which will replace the current MILSTAR SATCOM system.
She is currently the manager of contracting and acquisition operations for the Air Force's Advanced EHF program, the military's next high-tech communications system that will replace Milstar.
The upgrades include the addition of a battlestaff area, installation of the MILSTAR satellite communications system and incorporation of the UHF Command, Control and Communications system.
Air Force Space Command operates the Milstar constellation and provides day-to-day command and control of the defense satellite communications system (DSCS) to provide the voice, data, and video rinks essential to military operations.