MILSTDMilitary Standard
MILSTDMake It Like it Says in The Drawing :-)
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It's qualified to MILSTD 810E for heart-stopping shock loads of 40 Gs and random vibration of nearly 6 Grms.
Agency approvals include UL, FM, FDA, CSA, AGA, TUV, VDE, MILSTD.
All Chaff and Flares offered must comply to STANAG 4687 or MILSTD 810 or equivalent standard;
In order to meet the aggressive goals of performance, capacity, and military toughness, our team has put together a definitive plan that combines our flexible CIGS production experience and existing MILSTD 810G military product, advanced high-temperature substrates from QinetiQ, the combined expertise in multijunction thin film technology from ASTI and IEC, films for optical and electrical enhancement from Brewer and Cambrios, and enhanced packaging technologies being developed by ITN and ASTI.
This is a KeyMod handguard, with a continuous MILSTD 1913 T-marked rail along the top and KeyMod attachment points along the length of the handguard at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.
5x scope, into the Aug A2 version, where the optical sight can be removed allowing the quick attachment of a MILSTD 1913 rail.