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MIMDMultiple Instruction Multiple Data
MIMDMultiple Instructions/Multiple Data
MIMDMobile Internet Multimedia Device
MIMDManagement Information of Metrology Data
MIMDMultiplicative Increase, Multiplicative Decrease
MIMDMultiple Input, Multiple Data
MIMDMechanical Impedance Measuring Device (periodontic diagnostic tool)
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In contrast, the DFSC processor exhibits MIMD functionality, its interconnect is crossbar-like so that intermediate results are asynchronously passed directly from a data-flow functional unit to another avoiding so to store partial results, and its context switching is managed by the Context Configuration Manager (CCM) according to the operations to be executed.
Hence, it is assumed that the MIMD either activate a new call in the coverage of both UMTS and Wireless LAN network (CUWN) or the roaming MIMD with an active call with UMTS network enters in the CUWN region from the coverage of only UMTS network (CUN).
4 MIMD (multiple instruction streams / multiple data streams)
Tanto MIMD, EIED como NBA, muestran una mejoria sobre el algoritmo BEB, como se observa en la Figura 5.
From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) relied primarily on multiprocessor vector systems, while Caltech emphasized distributed-memory MIMD systems with hundreds of processors.
MIMD computers employ a multitude of relatively high powered processors that can execute independent instruction streams on local data.
In massively parallel MIMD systems, the topology plays a crucial role in issues such as communication performance, hardware cost, potentialities for efficient applications and fault tolerance capabilities.
Prefetching in file systems for MIMD multiprocessors.
A SIMD implementation targeting a 16K processor MASPAR is discussed in Watkins [1994], and an MIMD implementation for distributed-memory architectures is presented in Henry et al.
Inter-procedural compilation of Fortran D for MIMD distributed-memory machines.
The Charm++ language supports both the MIMD and SPMD style.
The Intel Paragon [Groscup 1992] is a MIMD computer with a mesh topology.