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MINITRACKMinimum Weight Tracking System
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Easton solved this problem by extending MINITRACK to actively follow unknown satellites orbiting Earth.
Arnold serves as a chair for the HICSS Minitrack on Electronic Marketing and is the Web Site Editor for the Journal of Management Information Systems.
He is active in the ACM Hypertext conferences and co-chairs the Hypermedia in Information Systems minitrack at the annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
The auction will feature a Bruker 500MHz LC-NMR comprising of avance 500-control device, HP 1100 series HPLC line, Beckman Biomek FXD8 robotic liquid handler, Packard minitrack samples preparator, Argonaut Quest 205 semi-automated synthesizer, centrifuges and incubators.
1) The Minitrack system, a worldwide network of radio-receiving stations operated by the Naval Observatory in Washington, was primarily intended to receive and record scientific information from US satellites and not 'track' satellites in the usual sense of the word.