MINREXMinisterio de Relaciones Exteriores (Cuban foreign ministry)
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To mark the Earth Day, President of ALA, Ramanika Dissanayake, accompanied by the President of ICAP, Kenia Serrano, Deputy Director / Asia & Oceania Division of MINREX, Mario Alzugaray, Specialist / INRIH, Amneris Carrera, Director of Metropolitan Park, Lazaro Rivera Hernandez, officials, students and members of ALA planted over 3oo fruit, timber and endemic plants in a special plot of land designated as the " Forest of Friendship" which was declared open by unveiling a special plaque carrying the flags of 14 - member countries of ALA.
The MINREX Representative, Mr Alzugaray also delivered a speech in which he spoke of Cuba's unique accomplishments in the fields of sustainable development and environment, thanks to Cuba's community oriented cooperative societies system and its broad based participatory network.
Vease "Nota del MINREX de Cuba" [sobre Humberto Carrillo Colon], Granma, 3 de septiembre de 1968.
MINREX denied the charges and accused the State Department of leaking an unfounded accusation that Socorro was involved in drug trafficking.
The real reason for refusing extradition, said MINREX, was that Panama had become an accomplice--presumably with the US--in granting impunity to terrorists.
23 statement, MINREX said that, for several years, the Cuban government had monitored Czech diplomats engaged in "subversive activities" coordinated by the US Interests Section in Havana.
MINREX cited the example of Czech diplomat Petr Mikyska, who served in Cuba from 1992 to 1996.
MINREX charged that Freedom House recruits journalists and others from Central Europe who are experienced in promoting "democratic transitions" and who are then sent to Cuba "to undertake destabilizing and subversive actions.