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MINUGUAMisión de Verificación de las Naciones Unidas de Guatemala (Spanish: UN Verification Mission in Guatemala)
MINUGUAMission de las Naciones Unidas - Guatemala (United Nations Verification Mission in Guatemala)
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See MINUGUA, "La Situacion de los compromisos relativos a la tierra en los acuerdos de paz," MINUGUA, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2000; CONGCOOP/CNOC, Fontierras: El modelo de mercado el acceso a la tierra en Guatemala.
MINUGUA is scheduled to be in Guatemala until December 2000, and its mandate could be extended if necessary.
The MINUGUA established projects to offer free legal interpretation and free legal assistance in order to model appropriate application of its terms; see Roger Plant, "Indigenous Identity and Rights in the Guatemalan Peace Process," in C.
That testimony could not have been given without the presence of MINUGUA, and there would today be little record of what happened.
MINUGUA also responded to another statement from Vielmann calling the campesinos "delinquents" linked to drug trafficking and organized crime.
Both ICITAP and MINUGUA pushed for improved standards with respect to investigations and internal controls, but their financial leverage was limited and they failed to coordinate their positions.
The MINUGUA report says that, order to carry out the education programs established in the Peace Accords, public spending on education should have been 2.
MINUGUA has also criticized the Guatemalan legislature for increasing military spending, in violation of the 1996 Peace Accords.
The trial is a test not only of the guilt or innocence of the accused officers, but of the institution of justice in the country as well, according to statements from the UN mission in Guatemala, MINUGUA.
By July 31, MINUGUA, the UN mission in Guatemala, issued a statement expressing concern that, "the government has identified the ex-members as a group associated with grave violations of human rights to be beneficiaries of a special compensation," while the national program of reparation for victims, reconciliation and reparation, have languished (see NotiCen, 2002-05-30).
MINUGUA pointed out that the peace accords required demilitarization of the police, which Interior controls (see NotiCen, 2001-12- 06).
30, MINUGUA said the appointment contradicted the terms of the 1996 peace accords, which placed great importance on strengthening civil as opposed to military authority.