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MIPMacrophage Inflammatory Protein (immunology)
MIPMortgage Insurance Premium
MIPMinor In Possession
MIPMixed Integer Programming
MIPMaximum Intensity Projection
MIPMonthly Income Plan
MIPMajor Intrinsic Protein
MIPMost Improved Player
MIPMiami, Florida (border patrol sector)
MIPMoon Impact Probe
MIPManagement Incentive Plan
MIPMalaria in Pregnancy
MIPMembrane Interface Probe
MIPMedicaid Integrity Program (US DHHS)
MIPMint In Package
MIPMaximum Inspiratory Pressure (measure of respiratory muscle strength)
MIPMinistarstvo Inostranih Poslova (Serbia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
MIPMonthly Investment Plan
MIPMobile Internet Protocol (IETF)
MIPMost Innovative Products
MIPMale Iron Pipe
MIPMicrowave Induced Plasma
MIPMovimiento Indígena Pachakuti (Bolivia, Pachakuti Indigenous Movement)
MIPMilitary Intelligence Program (US DoD)
MIPMulti-Annual Indicative Programme
MIPMost Important Player
MIPMost Important Person
MIPMultilateral Interoperability Program
MIPMultichannel Interface Processor (Cisco)
MIPMold in Place
MIPMain Instrument Panel
MIPMigration Plan
MIPMeet in Person
MIPMedial Intraparietal
MIPMultum in Parvum (Latin: many in one)
MIPMaintenance Index Page
MIPMassachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis (Westford, MA, USA)
MIPMarine Insurance Policy
MIPMicroprocessor Interface Program
MIPMultimission Interactive Picture
MIPMinimum Ionising Particle
MIPMandatory Inspection Point
MIPMedium Interface Point (ITS)
MIPMultipath Intensity Profile
MIPMirror-Image Polydactyly
MIPMission Integration Plan
MIPModel Installation Program
MIPMagnetic Induced Polarization
MIPMilitary Initiative Program (VFW)
MIPMinor Sync Point (ITU-T)
MIPMade in Portugal
MIPMentally Ill Person
MIPMultim In Parvum
MIPMaximal Implantation Potential (in-vitro fertilization)
MIPMolecular Imprint Polymer
MIPManagement Implementation Plan
MIPMed-I-Pant, Inc. (healthcare products company)
MIPMaximum Incidental Pressure
MIPMachine-Independent Part
MIPMaryland Industrial Partnerships
MIPMaximum Information Principle
MIPMaintenance In Progress
MIPMortgage in Possession
MIPMaterial in Process
MIPMachine Interface Processor
MIPMonitoring Implementation Plan
MIPMember Intake Process
MIPMinimum Incremental Power
MIPManufacturing and Inspection Plan
MIPMapped Internet Protocol (virtual IP address used with Citrix Access Gateways)
MIPMarketing Information Packet (Sprint)
MIPMateriel Improvement Project
MIPModernization Investment Plan
MIPMaster Intelligence Plan
MIPMolecular Ionization Potential
MIPMinimal Improvement Path
MIPMallory Institute of Pathology
MIPMinimum Ionization Peak
MIPMember Intake Program
MIPMaterial/Military Improvement Plan/Program
MIPMeasure and Improve Performance
MIPMobility/Mobilization Improvement Program
MIPModel Improvement Plan/Program
MIPMaterial Index Page
MIPMission Interface Processor
MIPminor impact program
MIPMeasurement Index Performance
MIPMain Line Pipeline
MIPMount Indicator Panel
MIPManagement/Master Information Paper
MIPManagement/Modest Improvement Program
MIPMitzpe Ramon, Israel - Domestic Airfield (airport code)
MIPManaging the Influence Process (US NASA)
MIPMaintenance Interaction Procedure
MIPManaging Intellectual Property (monthly magazine)
MIPMobility Impaired Person
MIPMinimally Invasive Procedure (surgery)
MIPManagement Improvement Project (various organizations)
MIPMetal Ion Passivation (nuclear power)
MIPMedical Insurance Plan (various organizations)
MIPMapping Information Platform
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A press conference held at MIP followed the official announcement--made by the City of Cannes on March 8--and named Fleur Pellerin, former French culture and communication minister and founder of Korelya Capital Investment, as president of the association created to organize the first International Festival of Series.
On a egalement appris que le CMF va proposer la societe Lawhat Tunisie pour "une offre publique d'achat obligatoire portant sur le reste du capital de la societe MIP, hors du bloc de titres objet de la demande d'acquisition, soit 1 479 970 actions representant 33,64% du capital de la societe".
This dynamic purchasing mechanism routinely leads to tobacco being purchased at significantly higher prices than the MIP.
The MIP (inflation, employment, deficits, prices, etc) was introduced in December 201, as part of the six pack' on economic governance.
Best practice - Review and perform MIP 5940/003 MRC Q-1R and submit required changes using TFBR for verbatim compliance.
We have a strong relationship with MIP and look forward to leveraging their extensive experience to create further value," Al Mehairi added.
Under the terms of the agreement Biotage will make an upfront payment corresponding to an enterprise value for MIP Technologies of SEK16m.
Panvita chairman Dejan Zidan and head of its meat division Peter Polanic said that the group decided to relaunch production at MIP because it was one of the most respected meat brands in Slovenia.
Countries at Combined Endeavor 2008 using their own system and linked together through the MIP include: Afghanistan, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States.
The schizophrenia patients were taking higher average doses of antipsychotics, 519 mg, compared with an average 218 mg among MIP patients, calculated as chlorpromazine equivalents.
Code: POY- Player of Year, MIP - Most Improved Player, FP - Fair Play.