MIPACMassachusetts Independent Political Action Committee for Working Families (Woburn, MA)
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The crusher control system is PLC- and SCADA-based, with MIPAC developing the functional specification for the control philosophy in conjunction with Tenova Takraf.
The complete DDR solution includes integration of Dell servers and workstations, Microsoft and Symantec server software, Medicor Imaging MiPACS digital imaging software and various digital imaging capture devices.
Technologies * MiPACS Storage Server & MiPACS Client--Medicor Imaging * MS SQL Server * Client--Operating System--Windows XP Pro * Application Environment--Paradox--Corel Software * Nomad Portable X-ray (source) with stand and remote release * * Size 0, 1, & 2 Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP) * Scan-X 12 DVM Digital X-Ray Processor (Images stored in MiPACS) ** * Sopro 717 Intraoral Camera Handpiece with Sopro Camera Dock Station (analog and USB2) * Canon Rebel Digital camera (~12megapixel) with 100mm macro lens & ring light source.