MIPBMilitary Intelligence Professional Bulletin (Journal for intelligence professionals published by the US Army Intelligence Center)
MIPBMerkataritza Indartzeko Plan Berezia (Basque: Special Commercial Revitalization Plan)
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Chaired by Sharma, the MIPB has been tasked to periodically review the overall situation of the manufacturing sector in the country.
Throughout this issue of MIPB, you will discover how units adapted to the challenges faced by divisions and corps in utilizing their expeditionary military intelligence brigade and battalion assets in large-scale combat scenarios.
Feel free to take the observations and discussions from this issue of MIPB and use them in future exercises, missions, or leader professional development sessions.
It is articles like those you see in this edition of MIPB that will lend weight to our arguments for improving capabilities at all echelons and establishing doctrinal requirements to support the Army in 2025 and beyond.
Although MIPB targets themes, you do not need to "write" to a theme.
Please note that submissions become property of MIPB and may be released to other government agencies or nonprofit organizations for republication upon request.
Please call or email me with any questions regarding your article or any other aspects of MIPB.
This edition of MIPB is focused on fully realizing the potential of our program of record, DCGS-A, and how it assists Military Intelligence (MI) professionals in improving fusion and analytic efforts.
In this edition of MIPB, we focus on the Distributed Common Ground System--Army (DCGS-A) family of systems.
One of the running threads across my various MIPB columns is the growing complexities we will face in future operations.
Why am I talking about the basics of intelligence operations in this issue of MIPB dedicated to Dense Urban Areas (DUAs) or "megacities"?
Articles from the field will always be very important to the success of MIPB as a professional bulletin.