MIPEXMigrant Integration Policy Index (European Union)
MIPEXMessage Based Industrial Property Information Exchange (EU)
MIPEXModel Improvement Experiment
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Analyses with the EVS use the third wave of the MIPEX data
In addition, the third wave of the MIPEX data includes a
For an analysis of MIPEX see Andrew Geddes, Relationships Between Research and Policy on Migration in the European Union: A Practice-based Analysis, Working Paper No.
The proven credibility of the MIPEX indicators and methodology made it the main data source for comparative analysis between the integration facts and figures defining Romania's performances vs.
The MIPEX score positions Sweden in the top of the analyzed countries, while Romania hits the 23rd position amongst the 83 analyzed countries and is characterized as "halfway favorable".
During the discussion, participants discussed the MIPEX study s findings and their importance for future migrant integration policies, both in terms of developing relevant legislation and policy planning documents and in building the capacity of national institutions.
Developed by the MPG, the MIPEX assessment is an interactive tool and reference guide to assess, compare and improve a state s integration policy.
The information on the MIPEX comes from http://www.
The availability of time series data by country (15 countries) along the period 1999-2010(11 years) for all variables, except for MIPEX (with just three observations by country) enables to estimate a panel data model.
High numbers of asylum seekers entering Germany are masking the fact that Germany is ranked only in the lower half of the MIPEX list (place 23 out of 38) due to comparatively exclusionist welfare policies.
If accepted, new citizens will be relatively well protected from withdrawal and statelessness," according to the MIPEX study.
With the case being soundly made for multiple dimensions and multiple indicators of ethnic and immigrant integration in Europe, the focus of many recent studies has been on the application of some combination of indicators, however derived, to a specific group of countries or to single cases of specific countries, such as MIPEX (Goodman 2010; Huddleston and Niessen 2011) which considers a country's social and public policies on integration.