MIPEXMigrant Integration Policy Index (European Union)
MIPEXMessage Based Industrial Property Information Exchange (EU)
MIPEXModel Improvement Experiment
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During the discussion, participants discussed the MIPEX study s findings and their importance for future migrant integration policies, both in terms of developing relevant legislation and policy planning documents and in building the capacity of national institutions.
Developed by the MPG, the MIPEX assessment is an interactive tool and reference guide to assess, compare and improve a state s integration policy.
Detroit Edison president and chief operating officer, said support of both the regional ISO and the proposed MIPEX wholesale generation pool will position the company and the state to take advantage of proposed federal and state legislative and regulatory changes which are driving competition in the electric industry.
MIPEX will enable the state to capture the lowest cost available wholesale power for the benefit of all of Michigan's residents while maintaining local generation, load balance and frequency control.
With the case being soundly made for multiple dimensions and multiple indicators of ethnic and immigrant integration in Europe, the focus of many recent studies has been on the application of some combination of indicators, however derived, to a specific group of countries or to single cases of specific countries, such as MIPEX (Goodman 2010; Huddleston and Niessen 2011) which considers a country's social and public policies on integration.
If accepted, new citizens will be relatively well protected from withdrawal and statelessness," according to the MIPEX study.