MIPJMillions of Instructions per Joule
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The edition also includes interviews with environmental photojournalist and zoologist Sean Gallagher; photojournalist Robin Hammond on his book with MIPJ partner FotoEvidence, Condemned; James G.
Titled Lwa Mountain: Post Crisis Vodou in Haiti , the project will include a traveling photo exhibition, a documentary that will appear on the international film festival circuit, and a print and digital photo/text book published by the MIPJ and distributed internationally via Ingram.
Additionally, select photographs by Karen and an article by Wetherholt will appear as a feature for the 2013 edition of the MIPJ, to be released in October/November 2013 (themed edition: Climate Change, Resource Conflict, the Environment and Human Security).
As Executive Editor of the MIPJ, it felt necessary to also mark the experience and aftermath of current wars in which the world is currently embroiled.