MIPOMarist Institute for Public Opinion (survey research; Marist College; Poughkeepsie, New York)
MIPOMajor Infrastructure Project Office (Brisbane City Council's major projects division, Australia)
MIPOMixed Integer Programming Optimizer (computing)
MIPOMinimally Invasive Percutaneous Plate Osteosynthesis (fracture treatment)
MIPOMediterranean Investment Project Observatory
MIPOMotion Imagery Program Office (US National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
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The MIPO technique for fracture of distal tibial fracture was an established procedure with less incidence of delayed union, non-union, skin complications and infections because of less disturbance to bone vascularity and soft tissue damage around fracture site during surgery.
Conclusion: MIPO may be used successfully for treatment of high-energy peri-articular distal tibial fractures.
Consequently, MIPO appears to have higher rates of union, lower rates of post-op complications and lower incidences of bone grafting as compared with the traditional approach1,2,8-10.
Con una de las plantas mas grandes del mundo (ubicada a dos horas de Hong Kong), cuya capacidad de produccion es de mas de un millon de tintas, y 140,000 cartuchos de toner mensuales -y en constante crecimiento-, MIPO se presenta en el mercado mexicano con un producto nuevo y original, que es compatible con las marcas: Canon, Epson, HP y Lexmark.
Sanz, director general de MIPO, senalo: "En Mexico tenemos ya ocho meses.
All these patients were then treated with MIPO method of plating.
The submuscular tunnel was then prepared with the tunnelling instrument or blunt dissection over the periosteum except in the MIPO of the medial surface of the distal tibia, in which the subcutaneous tunnel was prepared over the periosteum.
Reduction and internal fixation of distal tibial fractures using locking compression plate medially by open and MIPO technique is one of the acceptable forms of treatment for lower third tibia including the articular surface with or without communication.
We found that MIPO technique preserved soft tissue and decreased complications though indirect reduction done in this technique has a steep learning curve, good bone union, better functional outcome, and decreased complications were seen.
15] In our case, the patient had sustained type 2 periprosthetic supracondylar fracture of femur for which fixation was done and bony union was achieved with distal femoral locking plate and screws using MIPO technique.
The purpose of this study was to assess the results and the efficacy of MIPO for closed and open fractures of the proximal tibia.