MIPPMaster of International Public Policy (degree; various schools)
MIPPMusculoskeletal Injuries Prevention Program (WSIB, Canada)
MIPPMaster of International Policy and Practice (George Washington University; Washington, DC)
MIPPMunicipal Industrial Pretreatment Program
MIPPMacomb Infant Preschool Program (Clinton Township, MI)
MIPPMouse IAP (Intracisternal A-Particle) Promoted Placental (gene)
MIPPMultimedia Integrated Pilot Project (two-step medical licensing exam)
MIPPMember of the Institute of Payroll Professionals (UK)
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Four vendors (ATC, EV, MIPP, RPS) use the Library of Congress (LC) system for transliterating Cyrillic characters into Roman or Latin script.
Four of the six vendors (EV, Est, MIPP, NK) support searches in Cyrillic characters.
Only EV and MIPP provide definite information on current availability.
These findings indicate that Est, EV and MIPP provide the most accurate data on current availability, whereas the only way to know the availability of a book from ATC, NK, or RPS involves contacting the vendor directly.
The Cyrillic query in MIPP's e-catalog missed 72 titles potentially relating to Tolstoy, because MIPP provided annotations only in English.
Four vendors (EV, Est, MIPP, and NK) include annotations ranging from a sentence to a paragraph.
Esterum's search engine followed MIPP with a 92 percent, missing only six titles that contain content on Leo Tolstoy; NK's search engine came in third with nearly 80 percent.
East View occupies the top position, with 127 titles (42 percent of 300) listed in their electronic catalog, followed closely by Natasha Kozmenko with 121 (40 percent); MIPP International is the lone vendor in the second tier, offering nearly one-third (99) of all monographs advertised; while ATC Books International (22 percent), Esterum (21 percent), and Russian Press Service (20 percent) list approximately one-fifth of the overall volume of titles found online.
As might be expected, the top three vendors in overall holdings also offer the largest number of unique monographs: East View lists 50 titles (over 28 percent), MIPP International presents 40 (nearly 23 percent), and Natasha Kozmenko shows 37 (just shy of 21 percent).
For instance, rank scores for all duplicate monographs listed by MIPP were tallied into the Cumulative score (117).
In this comparison, EV ranks first, MIPP second, NK third, and ATC fourth.
Eliminating the GPCI and easing the bureaucracy associated with MIPP are two reasonable, practical remedies that can make Medicare policy more consistent, improve access for Medicare beneficiaries, and begin to fairly reimburse physicians for caring for Medicare patients in rural and underserved areas.