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MIPTMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology
MIPTMemorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
MIPTOklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism
MIPTMale Iron Pipe Thread
MIPTManaged Internet Protocol Telephony
MIPTManpower Integrated Process Team
MIPTMaterials Integrated Product Team
MIPTMe in Pink Tights (band)
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We are counting on the fact that domestic enterprises of industry and other branches of the economy will be interested in cooperation, ordering new topics and practicing them jointly with MIPT.
This data is sourced from the RAND Corporation's MIPT database (which has now been replaced by the RDWTI) for the period 1968 to 2006.
Terrorist Incidents Range: 01/01/1968-02/26/2007 % of Group Classification Incidents % of Total Fatalities Total Anarchist 121 1% 1 0% Anti-Globalization 216 2% 22 0% Communist/Socialist 3,749 30% 2,857 11% Environmental 72 1% 3 0% Leftist 433 3% 125 0% Nationalist/Separatist 4,867 39% 9,853 37% Other 299 2% 338 1% Racist 41 0% 7 0% Religious 2,641 21% 13,338 50% Right-Wing Conservative 127 1% 275 1% Right-Wing Reactionary 14 0% 14 0% Source: MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base (15)
MIPT categorizes terrorist groups by their ideology (anti-globalization, Communist/socialist, environmentalist, leftist, national/separatist, racist, religious, right-wing conservative, and right-wing reactionary).
The primary goal of the MIPT is to ensure that all Air Force FMS positions are properly coded and funded from the correct funding source.
We know a great deal about preventing, deterring or mitigating the effects of terrorism," but the lessons and exercises "are scattered in numerous sites across the country," said Dennis Reimer, director of MIPT.
The MIPT received $15 million from the federal government in 2000 and $14 million the following year.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) and co-sponsor the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation awarded Noble County Sheriff Charlie Hanger the MIPT InCOP Prevention Award on Monday, October 17, 2011, for his actions in arresting the Oklahoma City bomber.
By comparing the data from radio interferometers and optical telescopes, we can obtain information about hot jets and the accretion disks surrounding black holes at the center of galaxies in the visible part of the spectrum," Yuri Kovalev of MIPT, who co-authored a recent paper on the findings, said in a statement Tuesday.
Al; and MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base; retrieved on August 4, 2004, from http://www.
Currently, the actual flag serves as an inspiration to law enforcement agencies coming to MIPT for training.