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MIRAIMillennium Research for Advanced Information Technology (Japan)
MIRAIMultimedia Integrated Network by Radio Access Innovation
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Gerald Killmann, Vice President R&D of Toyota Motor Europe, commented "We would like to express our thanks to ARBEu for having awarded the Toyota Mirai with this prestigious prize.
Buyers will still have to pay PS61,000 for the Toyota Mirai in this country, however, making it an expensive car and one of the most pricey of its body type.
Mirai Clinical is so excited and honored to be a part of this global movement," says Koko Hayashi, CEO of Mirai Clinical.
You won't miss a Mirai if you see one but since Toyota is bringing in only 12 this month and 18 next year that's unlikely.
The Mirai saves considerable space inside by replacing physical controls with large touch-screen surfaces that dominate the cockpit.
While the form-following-function aesthetic may be challenging from some angles, the unusual rear-end of the Mirai bears a strong family resemblance to that of the fourth-generation Toyota Prius so expect it to become a familiar site on Britain's low-carbon roads, especially in and around London.
Hydrogen, as a liquid, is stored in two tanks at the rear of the vehicle and one fill up can power the Mirai for in excess of 300 miles.
We are looking forward to the start of delivery of the first Mirai to customers from September and to see the future taking shape on European roads.
To reserve a spot at the Mirai Ride & Drive Event at Toyota Sunnyvale go to www.
The company claims that the Toyota Mirai is the world's first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, a four-door saloon with performance that competes with traditional internal combustion engines.
Instead of using petrol, Mirai runs on electricity created on demand by hydrogen fuel and oxygen.
Toyota's Mirai, launched in December 2014, is the only fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) on sale now and production is set to be limited to 700 in the first year.