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MIRCMy Internet Relay Chat
MIRCMagnetic-Ink Character Recognition (banking)
MIRCMicroelectronics Research Center
MIRCManagement Information Report Control
MIRCMarine Information Research Center (Japan)
MIRCMedical Imaging Resource Center
MIRCMicrosoft Internet Relay Chat (real-time messaging)
MIRCMediation Information & Resource Center
MIRCMetsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center (Greece)
MIRCMember of the Idle Rich Class (Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw book)
MIRCMulti-user Internet Relay Chat
MIRCMicro Infrared Camera
MIRCMardam-Bey's Internet Relay Chat
MIRCManagement Information Report Control (Legalmaster software)
MIRCMoo/Mu Internet Relay Chat
MIRCMilitary Intelligence Reserve Command
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The MIRC will ensure the Army Reserve will optimally meet the warfighter's needs for that support and determine the specific needs of the warfighter to meet intelligence strategies and requirements.
The MIRC is already having a positive impact by establishing working relationships with warfighters to improve intelligence support from the Army Reserve.
However, even in the days of plenty, only 17 percent of MIRC Soldiers volunteered to do more than 14 days when 29 days were available.
With more powerful PCs and LANs, MRP 11 software can use a common database and link several manufacturingapplications together "for a fraction of the costs associated with larger minicomputeror mainframe-basedpackages," MIRC points out.
The activation of the 505th and its subordinate battalions provide robust opportunities for MIRC Soldiers to conduct intelligence operations.
Looking at other future EDI trends, MIRC forsees a move away from current industry-specific data formats to cross-industry standards.
However, virtually every MTOE BN design in the MIRC has changed and is converting structure with September 2016/2017 E-dates.
USARC approval of the MIRC was based on an assumption that the MIRC HQ and staff could act as the G2 staff for USARC and OCAR.
The vision of the MIRC was "To be the preeminent provider of trained and ready Army Reserve intelligence forces complementing active component intelligence capabilities in support of Combatant Command and the Intelligence Enterprise requirements.
The MIRC currently serves as the Army Reserve branch proponent for all Army Reserve intelligence related issues.
The MIRC was formed to meet those challenges, but how exactly will the MIRC accomplish its objective?