MIRDCMetals Industry Research and Development Center (Philippines)
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MIRDC analysts predicted that the industry's exports to the U.
MIRDC analysts agree with the practical sense of TAITRA's move to focus on the emerging market with the second largest population.
The MIRDC said that the special zone will create some 500 job opportunities and generate annual production value exceeding NT$10 billion (US$ 333 million).
Despite a suddenly down-turning market in the fourth quarter, a few Taiwanese operators from different sectors still invested to boost output of coated steel and electroplated products, with others working hard on technological upgrades that can help to enhance growth momentum in case surface finishing exports recover in the near future, said the MIRDC analysts.
The MIRDC analyst emphasized that this joint investment shows Sheng Yu's ambition to tap the local supply-chain of white goods, as Hefei is one of China's major household appliance manufacturing bases for the moment, where Chinese large-sized branding vendors, including Haier, Changhong, and Meiling, operate production factories there among others.
Considering that the industry's exports to Europe suddenly dropped 10% QoQ in the fourth quarter of 2011, the MIRDC analyst warns that the market has been weakening, primarily due to the lingering sovereign debts that have mandated austerity measures across Europe, especially in the peripheral zone including Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.
8% QoQ but up 1% YoY, with the quarterly decline attributable to, say MIRDC analysts, the mounting debt crisis in Europe that caused lukewarm demand from downstream customers.
MIRDC pointed out that the testing lab, already approved by Taiwan Accreditation of Foundation, is capable of independently handling professional tests on quality and performance of a wind turbine system.
Any major task as expanding wind-power capacity calls for more than governmental effort, but also coordinated work among local enterprises and R&D bodies, with the semi-official ITRI and MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre), and the TwnWEA (Taiwan Wind Energy Association) having joined the bandwagon.
Hot-rolled stainless and galvanized steel coils and sheets were the largest imports, shows the MIRDC report, which also said Taiwan's steel market expanded 2.
MIRDC analysts say several negative factors, such as Europe's mounting debt crisis, the still uncertain American economy, material price hikes, and credit tightening worldwide, will threaten the industry in the near future.
29 43% Value Unit: NT$1 billion Source: MIRDC Exports to China of Taiwan's 5 Tool Categories with Tariff Cuts in 1H 2011 Year Category Value 2010 Pliers, Tweezersand Similar Tools US$3.