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MIRIADManchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design (UK)
MIRIADMultichannel Image Reconstruction Image Analysis and Display
MIRIADMother-Infant Rapid Intervention at Delivery (HIV testing program)
MIRIADMajor Industrial Risks Integration in Agendas and Development
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But it is very difficult to observe, since the Universe entropically evolves among a miriad of possibilities leading to identical initial quantum subsystems, inserting an individual measure within the Universe's entropy evolution statistical context, being the number of final collapsed microstates of a given collapsed state greater than 1, leading to an irreversible collapse even with a single photon beam as initial quantum subsystem, e.
miRiad roles for the miR-17-92 cluster in development and disease.
ANN EVANS meets wine expert Bill Raftery who guides us through the miriad tipples and offers some vino tips.
Kym Penhall, director Global de Market Whys & Miriad TNS Worldwide, mostro la contribucion que un muestreo puede hacer en el desarrollo de la publicidad.
MIRIAD is a multisite study funded by CDC to 1) determine the feasibility of rapid HIV testing in labor and delivery units of women with undocumented HIV status, 2) provide timely therapy to reduce perinatal transmission, and 3) facilitate follow-up care for HIV-infected mothers and their infants.
A little shoe shop just off the square had the softest leather shoes in a miriad of colours for about pounds 25 and the market stalls sold elegant summer dresses in floaty chiffon for less than pounds 20.