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MIRLMeet in Real Life (Internet slang)
MIRLMedium Intensity Runway Light
MIRLMembrane Inhibitor of Reactive Lysis
MIRLMechanical Industry Research Laboratories (Industrial Technology Research Institute; Hsinchu, Taiwan)
MIRLMineral Industry Research Laboratory (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
MIRLModular Integrated Reader Lock
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I suppose we could send our samples to some other lab," Imm says, "But MIRL is in-state, and they do good work.
Green points out that not only does MIRL do "quality professional work," but having a university-based, independent laboratory to do coal-sample analysis gives the industry more credibility than if the lab tests were done at in-house facilities.
According to Daniel Walsh, one of four full-time faculty members working at MIRL, a main focus of the lab has been to assist mines in improving their product and production levels and in finding the most effective methods of exploration.
The technology was developed out of research done at MIRL by Walsh and reported in MIRL Report #70, published in May 1985.
Tenders are invited for Construct Runway 16 Extension (600) Construct New North Connecting Taxiway/Turnaround Relocate Existing Perimeter Fence Install MIRLs, Replace Runway 16 PAPI, and Relocate Runway 16 REIL