MIRTMobile Infra-Red Transmitter
MIRTMinority International Research Training
MIRTMajor Incident Response Team (UK)
MIRTMulti-Functional Independent Review Team (US Air Force)
MIRTMSP (Major Surface Protease) Intergenic Region RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) Typing (genetics)
MIRTMaximal Increase in Resting Tension (cardiovascular pharmacology)
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Callers will be asked for brief details so a MIRT member can call them back at an agreed time.
The role of MIRT is to offer help, support and where appropriate, refer members of the public on to more specialist services.
Call MIRT via Hambleton/Richmondshire 01609 779999; Whitby/ Scarborough/Ryedale 01723 501555 or low cost 0845 9501555.
At a minimum, officials can envision chaotic situations at intersections with multiple MIRT equipped vehicles vying for signal control.
Lawmakers are responding by prohibiting interferences with traffic signals or the use of MIRTs by anyone other than emergency personnel.
The average survival rate of a myeloma patient used to be three years upon diagnosis; thanks to research funded in part by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the MIRT has extended the average survival rate of its patients to seven years and beyond.
The study was funded by a project program grant from the NCI, which in 2004 announced its third five-year renewal -- for nearly $18 million -- of grant support for the MIRT.
A computer-generated "digital puppet" of Mario, known as MIRT (Mario in Real-Time), also delivered a special message to the children of the hospital.
Barlogie's efforts in research innovations, MIRT is one of the leading myeloma treatment centers worldwide.
MIRT (Mario In Real Time), a "virtual reality" computer
County + USC Pediatric Pavilion; -- Patients and their families; and -- Celebrity participants Photo Opportunities: -- Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble -- Jenna von Oy -- "Blossom" -- Candace Cameron, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen -- "Full House" -- MIRT (Mario In Real Time), a "virtual reality" computer graphics Mario presentation.
Current Northrop equipment is exemplified by the MIRTS (Modular IR Transmitting Set), used on some examples of the A300, B-707, B-747, DC-8, DC-10, Mirage Fl, Northrop F-5, Falcon 20, C-130 and BAe 125.