MISAUMinistério de Saúde (Mozambique - Ministry of Health)
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This unit is responsible for planning district activities based on nationally set targets, ensuring the submission of monthly health indicator reports to MISAU, and overseeing stock management of all paper-based patient documentation forms and data collection registries used at the various service delivery points.
To support this program, FGH signed sub-grants with each district in order to directly transfer funds to the SDSMAS, complementing the existing MISAU budget.
The objective was to ensure compliance of district managers with expenses and justifications for both FGH sub-grant accounts and for funds allocated from MISAU.
Furthermore, M&E Objective 2 (Submit and archive monthly MISAU health indicator reports) showed no significant change over the first year of analysis.
Leaders from MISAU were integrally involved in the design of program activities, which encouraged mutual trust.