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MISEmean integrated squared error
MISEMerck Institute for Science Education
MISEModeling in Software Engineering (workshop)
MISEMan - Instrument Support Equipment
MISEMechanized Infantry in a Smoke Environment
MISEMember of the Institute of Security Executives (Australian organisation of professional security managers and executives)
MISEMaersk Iternational Shipping Education
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Working together, MISE and NPS will develop a five-year strategic plan to establish benchmarks for progress.
For example, Mises conceded that if "all import restriction were lifted today, the greatest difficulties would be evident for a short time" ([1929] 1996, 36).
Garrison (1986) is a contribution to the literature that constitutes an exception to this trend It explicitly acknowledges the fact that both Lachmann and Mises viewed expectations as subjective and proceeds to compare their treatment on the implications of this for the process of equilibration in a market economy Moreover, Garrison correctly notes that the key to the modus vivendi that Mises establishes between this process and subjective expectations lies in his theory of profit and loss and the process of entrepreneurial selection that this entails
A useful concept in finding a monopoly price is marginal revenue, although Mises does not refer to it.
Mises was a regular attendee at the opera in New York City.
In correspondence to Emil Lederer, Mises affirms that
Mises contended that a praxeological, rather than an empirical or positivist, approach is required in the discipline of economics; that is, he believed that economic theory derives from the universal logical structure of human action that ensues from individuals pursuing their interest in a world of choice and scarcity and does not derive from extrapolating from empirical observations of each individual's psychology.
Von Mises argued that government can't make accurate judgments in the complex human marketplace because government officials don't have the knowledge to make millions of economic decisions every day better than the consumers themselves:
Mises dethroned socialism as a policy ideal in 1920, when he showed that economic calculation is impossible in the socialist commonwealth.
Adam Smith and Ludwig von Mises on Social Cooperation and Economic Calculation
Even if we accept Julia Kristeva's contention that 'tout texte se construit comme une mosaique de citations, tout texte est absorption et transformation d'un autre texte', (1) Zola does appear to make especially extensive use of intertextual references and mises en abyme in this novel, arguably drawing attention to the text's literarines.