MIWEMaryland Institute for Workforce Excellence
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This, however, was not enough for the development team at MIWE and they set themselves the task of producing an easy to-use, even more efficient oven which was not only economical but gave uniform, first class baking results for a wide range of products from crusty rolls to delicate confectionery.
The result is the impressive technologically advanced MIWE roll-in e+ which circulates over 30% more air more sensitively than its predecessors in up to nine stages.
One baker who already had a MIWE rack oven reported that the rolls baked in the new MIWE roll-in e+ stayed fresher for longer.
Bakers have also been impressed by the MIWE roll-in e+'s new door.
Stewart Morris EPP director said: 'Energy costs continue to soar and MIWE have responded to this by designing a highly effective heat recovery system specifically designed to operate at its optimum in the conditions found in bakeries.
The MIWE eco: nova works by handling oven flue gas and steam separately.
The flue gas is fed through a neutralisation unit in the MIWE eco: nova, which extracts the poisonous sulphur dioxide.
The correct draught in the MIWE eco: nova is provided by an electronically frequency-regulated fan that creates the necessary consistent vacuum in the exhaust system and, a new, patent-applied for draught adaptation on the oven, which can be individually set for each oven accurately to 0.