MKISMont' Kiara International School (Malaysia)
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Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account that the utilization of the MKIS is crucial for the success of an organization and should be an integral part of the strategic planning process (Amaravadi, 1995) since the marketing data base is a vital element for the strategic planning of many companies and often presents challenges in terms of management, marketing and sales (Stone & Shaw, 1987).
MKIS Agency joined UK Trade & Investment's Passport initiative - a flagship scheme that gives new exporters the training, planning and ongoing support they need to succeed overseas - in July 2006, and is due to complete the programme shortly.
The new system joins the expanding rage of bespoke Tap Tone inspection equipment offered by MKIS, ranging from Fill Level on individual containers to Whole Case Inspection systems.
Because a well-developed MKIS represents a potent competitive advantage, organizations are reluctant to discuss their experiences with MKISs.
The MKIS interacts constantly with the manager and the external environment.
To help his company launch MKIS LOGIC, he returned to Coventry University to sign up to its Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS) - a one-year venture aimed at turning a design or technology-based idea into a viable business.
IQ MKIS provides products and services that support the complete marketing process -- from customer identification through data enhancement, analysis and segmentation, marketing program development -- IQ MKIS helps technology marketers maximize the overall effectiveness of their customer identification, acquisition, retention, cross-sell and up-sell activities to create a closed-loop marketing solution.
Steve Golden, chairman of CoolSavings, states, "IntelliQuest MKIS has always been a leader in customer relationship marketing, and we are delighted to partner with them to create this unprecedented, Internet-based customer rewards program for technology vendors.
CONTACT: IntelliQuest MKIS Amy Kerley Moorhouse, 770/612-8008 x204 amoorhouse@intelliquest.