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MKSMortice Kern Systems, Inc.
MKSMiejski Klub Sportowy (Polish club)
MKSMaul- und Klauenseuche (German: Foot and Mouth Disease)
MKSMeter, Kilogram, Second
MKSMeckel Syndrome
MKSMicrosoft Korn Shell
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No significant differences were found between MKs and Non-MKs on the Perception of Social Support scale, t (1,108) = 114, p [greater than].
The current research on MKs describes various resources that may buffer against potentially traumatic events (Davis et al.
MKS makes instruments used in semiconductor manufacturing.
The Intermediate Girls Volleyball Finals were hosted at Bahrain Bayan School and another home victory was secured as Bayan took on fellow southern rivals St Christopher's School and Bahrain School and MKS from the North.
Hervey (2009) reported that 25% of the MKs in her study moved 11 or more times.
The emotional and psychological challenges for MKs are also substantial.
Sunlite's MKS Advanced LED complete IC-rated fixtures include 4”, 5”, and 6” Air-TITE[TM] adjustable steel housings with a high-performing durable die cast aluminum LED module that includes a Nichia LED array and a standard white baffle.
You can change your name but it seems that MKS (or the original Sugababes) can't dodge the drama.
This case represented a second trimester diagnosis of a recurrent case of MKS in a non-consanguineous marriage.
Jews are forbidden from swearing, but on Tuesday a record number of new Members of the 19th Israeli Knesset, or MKs, stood in alphabetical order and said "I commit to be faithful to the State of Israel and fulfill faithfully my mission in the Knesset.
MKS Distributing debuts its M4-22 AR-15 type upper; chambered in.
Bengaluru, Karnataka, June 2 -- PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), The Product Development Company(R), today completed its acquisition of MKS Inc.