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ML-1Mobile Low-Power Plant, Number 1
ML-1Anti-Mistletoe Lectin-1 (cancer treatment antibodies)
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The Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar ML-1 up-gradation project is a CPEC initiative that would transform railways system in the country.
The project detail shows that ML-1 extends from Kiamari (Karachi) in the south to Peshawar covering 1,726 kilometres and passing through Hyderabad, Rohri (Sukkur), Multan, Lahore and Rawalpindi stations.
Importantly, none of the human tumour cell lines in the panel showed growth stimulation (T/C (Test/Control) > 125%) by the mistletoe extracts or ML-1, apart from two exceptions in the colon carcinoma cell line HCC-2998, in which a marginal stimulation was detected by Helixor[R] M (T/C = 128%) and ML-1 (T/C = 131%) at one concentration only.