MLICMetropolitan Life Insurance Company
MLICMultiple Lan Internet Protocol Converter
MLICMembrane-Bound Lysozyme Inhibitor of C-Type Lysozyme (protein inhibitor)
MLICMabee Legal Information Center
MLICMy Life Is Crap
MLICMum Locked in Castle (band)
MLICMaple Leaf International Consulting, Inc (New York, NY)
MLICMourier Land Investment Corporation (Roseville, CA)
MLICMilton Lemberg Investment Company (Phoenix, AZ)
MLICMixed Lymphocyte Islet Coculture (in vitro transplantation response model)
MLICMy Life Is Creepy
MLICMountain Life Insurance Company (Aloca, TN)
MLICMixed Lymphocyte Islet Culture (immunoprotection assessment medium)
MLICMixed Lymphocyte Islet Cell (transplantation rejection correlate)
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MLIC has benefitted from notable unrealised fair value gains and foreign currency translation gains since the Egyptian pound was freely floated in November 2016.
Consequent to this transaction, Axis Bank's equity stake in MLIC has increased to 5.
A lawyer with the Boston firm representing MLIC Asset Holdings said the notice of sale had been submitted to the Telegram & Gazette for publication March 5, 12 and 19.
Solid Alignment of Interest (Positive): The sponsor, MLIC, and/or one or more of its majority-owned affiliates will acquire and retain a 5% vertical interest in each class of the securities to be issued.
With the deal, Axis Bank has raised its equity stake in MLIC to 5.
The company s action relates to tax years 2000 to 2009, during which MLIC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife, Inc.
The affirmation of MLIC s ratings reflect the strengthening of its BCAR and the local solvency ratio, mainly attributed to the profit retention in surplus and the removal of performance guarantee in the pension fund business.