MLOCMidlands Lotus Owners Club (UK)
MLOCMitsubishi Lancer Owner Club (Malaysia)
MLOCMissing Logical or in Expression Used As Branch Condition (software fault)
MLOCMiddle Lane Owners Club (Lexus owners; UK)
MLOCMinimum Level Operational Capability
MLOCMaster Pre-Light Off Checklist
MLOCMillion Lines of Code
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Roger Rees, secretary of the MLOC said: "Hopefully Keresley will come back into the leagues next season after being given time to regroup without the pressures of trying to honour their league commitments for the rest of this season.
In this ease, an air-filled MLOC with length [-square root of [[Epsilon].
Designated the MLOC Series, the advanced organic RF capacitors maintain high Q and high self resonance while providing low ESR values at high frequencies.
In addition, the MLOC Series is expansion matched to printed circuit boards to allow for improved reliability.
Available in 0603 case size with a 100% tin finish, the MLOC Series features stable NPO characteristics with an operating temperature range of -55xC to +125xC.
Speaking before the MLOC decision, Alcester captain Scott Carmichael said: "A lot of clubs would have cried off, but Saracens turned up and insisted that the game went ahead so they deserve a lot of credit for doing that.
2) The e-commerce segment is composed of the Company's online channel, which has domestic and foreign operations, and the Company's MLOC services channel.
The e-commerce segment also includes the Company's MLOC services channel, which processes MLOC advances on behalf of a third-party lender and had a participation interest in MLOC receivables that were outstanding in all 50 states and four other U.
The MLOC services business has most recently generated its earnings through loan processing services the Company provided for MetaBank related to the iAdvance micro line of credit product the bank made available on certain stored-value debit cards the bank issues, as well as from fees generated from participation interests the Company acquired in the receivables originated by the bank in connection with the iAdvance program.
ASDU is responsible for the maintenance of over five MLOCs used to support the CP-140 Aurora patrol aircraft and its support systems, which include flight and mission simulators, automatic test equipment, aircrew and technician trainers, and data analysis systems.