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MLPAMarine Life Protection Act (aka Marine Life Protection Act Initiative; also seen as MLPAI; California)
MLPAMultiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification
MLPAModified Link Pack Area
MLPAMetropolitan Land Planning Act (Minnesota)
MLPAMulti-Lateral Peering Agreement
MLPAMortgage Loan Purchase Agreement
MLPAMinimum Legal Purchase Age
MLPAMissing Localized Part of the Algorithm (software fault)
MLPAMoon Lake Property Association (Oscoda County, Michigan)
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MLPA, MLPX, and YLCO include 1099 tax reporting (no K-1s) and quarterly distributions.
sup][8] MLPA was performed using the SALSA MLPA kit P034/P035 DMD (MRC-Holland, The Netherlands) according to the manufacturer's protocol.
The placement of the Long Point State Marine Reserve (SMR) was to protect the best-known aggregation area for giant sea bass off southern California from Long Point to Goat Harbor (CA MLPA South Coast Project 2009), and is a popular site for recreational divers.
We conducted an MLPA to test if the three-profile solution chosen for the entire sample showed the same latent profile structure and profile size proportions across the Canadian and Chinese groups (Eid et al, 2003; Geiser et al, 2006).
Commercial assays are available for MLPA and do not require any specialized equipment.
Both the MLPA and the Pooling and Servicing Agreement prevented the trustees from filing suit or demanding a repurchase until they 1) discovered or were notified of a breach of the reps and warranties, and 2) the 60- to 90-day cure period had lapsed.
MLPA is based on an initial probe pair ligation to the DMD exon, followed by a multiplex amplification that produces products of different lengths.
Aunque FISH, qPCR y MLPA son los procedimientos estandar y mas accesibles para el diagnostico rapido de la microdelecion 22q11.
The MLPA test assigned this isolate to the Beijing K1 sublineage (10).
Detecting all CFTR types of variants in a single NGS experiment saves the company's customers the time and cost needed for an additional reflex experiment and an MLPA experiment.
En los anos noventa pruebas moleculares como FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization), QF-PCR (quantitative fluorescent polymerase chain reaction) y MLPA (multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification), fueron desarrolladas en el analisis cromosomico, pero el cariotipo continuo siendo el estandar de oro en el diagnostico prenatal (8, 9).