MLPCMovement for the Liberation of the Central African People (Central African Republic)
MLPCMarxist-Leninist Party of Canada
MLPCMedical-Legal Partnership for Children (est. 1993)
MLPCMaine Lobster Promotion Council
MLPCMouvement pour la Libération du Peuple Centrafricain (French: Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People; political party; Central African Republic)
MLPCMulti-Lineage Progenitor Cell (cell lines; BioE Corporation)
MLPCMcLean Presbyterian Church (Virginia)
MLPCMine Labour Protection Campaign (India)
MLPCMawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic (Australia)
MLPCMoney Laundering Prevention Center
MLPCMound Laser and Photonics Center, Inc. (Miamisburg, OH)
MLPCMidwest Lakes Policy Center (Madison, Wisconsin)
MLPCMultidimensional Locus of Pain Control (questionnaire)
MLPCMulti-Lingual Psychotherapy Centre (various locations)
MLPCMovimento Luta Pro-Creche (Portuguese: Pro-Nursery Movement; Brazil)
MLPCMedical Logistics Proponent Committee (Tricare)
MLPCMortgage Licensing Policy Committee (Conference of State Bank Supervisors; Washington, DC)
MLPCMerrill Lynch Philanthropy Committee
MLPCMaui Land and Pineapple Co. (Hawaii)
MLPCMindanao Livestock Production Center (USDA)
MLPCManufacture Landaise des Produits Chimiques (French: Landaise Manufacturer of Chemicals)
MLPCMichigan License Plate Club
MLPCMaximum Likelihood Pixel Classifier
MLPCMultilayer Piezoelectric Ceramics (ultrasound imaging)
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Reports of suspicious transactions must be submitted to the MLPC within 10 business days after the transaction took place.
The MLPC acts as the central national Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) whose roles include anti money laundering strategic research; analysing suspicious activity reports and passing on intelligence to the competent authorities for further investigation or prosecution; the collection of current anti money laundering information; coordination and cooperation with other domestic partner agencies in resolving anti money laundering related matters; anti money laundering training and technical assistance, information exchange, and joint operations with foreign counterparts in case investigation.
BioE's MLPC stem cell shows great promise as a critical cord blood stem cell that in the future could be utilized to regenerate a variety of tissues including cardiac, skin, nervous, pancreatic (insulin producing) among others," said senior author Mitchell S.
The companies have collaborated in their R&D efforts for the past 18 months, and in early development studies, the MLPC has differentiated into bone (osteoblasts) and cartilage (chondrocytes) progenitor cells, in addition to a variety of other cell and tissue precursors.
Hartke of MLPC has worked with lasers for more than 10 years, since his background is in engineering.
We anticipate this application of the MLPC will be the first among many opportunities BioE will have to impact medicine via our rare cord blood derived stem cell.
The MLPC is a rare, versatile cord blood-derived stem cell that exhibits beneficial characteristics of both embryonic and traditionally defined adult stem cells.
He also will explain the methods used to differentiate the MLPC into a variety of tissue types -- including bone, cartilage, fat, skeletal and cardiac muscle, liver, lung, neural, and endothelium.
The issuance of our latest patent further protects the proprietary compositions and methods we developed to isolate potentially therapeutically important cells from blood tissues, including the MLPC stem cell from umbilical cord blood," said Michael Haider, president and chief executive officer for BioE.
BioE and University of Minnesota Extend Stem Cell Research Agreement to Further Evaluate MLPC to Treat Lung Injuries and Respiratory Disease
The MLPC is a unique stem cell that was discovered and commercialized by BioE and has shown the capacity to turn into multiple cell and tissue types Co including neural stem cells, nerve cells, lung cells, early stage liver and pancreas cells, skeletal muscle, fat cells, bone cells, and blood vessels.