MLPNMultilayer Perceptron (artificial neural network)
MLPNMarxistisch-Leninistische Partij Nederland (Dutch: Marxist-Leninist Party of the Netherlands; Domestic Security Service operation; 1968-early 1990s)
MLPNMerrill Lynch Professional Networks
MLPNMolecular Pathology Laboratory Networks, Inc. (Maryville, Tennessee)
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And, of course, they charge investors a fee for the privilege: 85 bps in the case of MLPN.
However, there seems to be considerable upside potential to balance the risk of MLPN, as Brad Plumer spelled out on July 18 on WashingtonPost.
Insley likes the energy exposure that MLPs provide, without the usual exploration risk levels, and uses MLPN to get it: "We don't look at MLPs as part of the oil and gas exploration sector: They are the energy infrastructure, like a toll road.
We like the feature that Credit Suisse will buy back MLPN shares at NAV at the end of the trading day.
The advisors I've talked to prefer Credit Suisse's MLPN because it focuses solely on the beneficiaries of the oil and gas boom, not the boom itself.
The "current yield" equals the current quarterly coupon payment annualized and divided by the closing indicative value of MLPN on August 21, 2013.
The securities started trading under the ticker MLPN yesterday.