MLPNMultilayer Perceptron (artificial neural network)
MLPNMarxistisch-Leninistische Partij Nederland (Dutch: Marxist-Leninist Party of the Netherlands; Domestic Security Service operation; 1968-early 1990s)
MLPNMerrill Lynch Professional Networks
MLPNMolecular Pathology Laboratory Networks, Inc. (Maryville, Tennessee)
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The "current yield" equals the current quarterly Coupon Payment annualized and divided by the closing indicative value of MLPN on March 10, 2014.
MLPN is the only equally-weighted MLP exchange-traded product tracking oil and natural gas midstream MLPs.
The MLPN ETN is designed to provide investors with diversified exposure to the midstream MLP segment via an equal-weight approach.
While there a number of picks to like in the MLP world such as higher risk leveraged ETNs like (AMEX: MLPL), a more stable choice could be Credit Suisse's MLPN.