MLPPMichigan Literacy Progress Profile (education certification)
MLPPMoss Landing Power Plant
MLPPMarxist-Leninist Party of the Philippines
MLPPMulti-Level Precedence & Preemption
MLPPMaximum Loose Packed Position (physical therapy)
MLPPMajor League Ping Pong
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We selected the potential wetlands for our study from a 2007 orthophoto (resolution < 1 m on the ground) and previously gathered data documenting beaver presence in wetlands in the MLPP (Bromley & Hood, unpubl.
All transects within MLPP were forested due to the protected status of the landscape, so they were all 'forested-protected' (see Table 1).
Also, within MLPP, although a pond might be classified as 'inactive', almost every pond in the park has been inhabited or modified by beaver at some point (as seen from cuttings and old lodges), whereas the same was not always apparent for agricultural ponds.
Oral Reading Fluency was assessed within MLPP by determining words read correctly per minute from standardized grade-level probes and converting that score to a category score of one to four.
The MLPP assessed comprehension by having the student read a narrative text and assigning a score of one to four based on the students' retelling of the passage.
Although MLPP is mandated for all students in Michigan between kindergarten and grade three, no psychometric data for the tool are available.
AMANOVA was conducted to examine if reading skill groups determined by MLPP affected fluency and comprehension scores.
An important capability that was demonstrated at JUICE 2009 was the ability to provide authorized GSM cellular users with priority and preemption features for high-priority calling, end-to-end, via LGS and REDCOM's implementation of a key DoD feature - MLPP (Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption).
The latest release of the TacBSR supports Enhanced MLPP (EMLPP) as well as the V.
White Rock Networks said the VLX300 offers up to 12 channelised DS3 interfaces for the aggregation of T1-based business services, usually delivered to enterprise routers at the customer premises, with HDLC, PPP, MLPP or Frame Relay.
The first part covered functional testing with various vendors' Class 5 switches for call flow and compliance with MLPP (Multilevel Precedence and Preemption).
Tadiran's Family of Coral IPx Products Allow DOD Organizations to Deploy Mission-Critical Communication Systems with MLPP