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MLPPPMulti-Link Point-To-Point Protocol
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16, and MLPPP standards, there is now a better way to bundle T1 circuits for multimegabit service that is scalable for any data transmission need.
MLPPP support on the existing 8-port T1/E1 interface module - which provides an alternative industry standard encapsulation and bonding technique for use with edge routers and aggregation switches.
There may be a differential delay of many milliseconds between the different T1 links, but MLPPP and MFR can handle these delays and still deliver reassembled packets, in sequence.
2 standard, ADTRAN provides a cost effective, low overhead, fault tolerant Ethernet over TDM alternative to MLPPP technologies.
Now, a year later, the company is leveraging MLPPP success to the fullest with a deployed Tellabs solution.
MLPPP uses the generic synchronous serial Layer 2 protocol HDLC for framing.
Multi-chassis Automatic Protection Switching (APS) -- Stateful Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) resiliency -- ATM Pseudowire redundancy -- Multi-Class MLPPP For more information, please visit: http://www.
Multi-link PPP (MLPPP) - MLPPP allows customers to increase WAN bandwidth by using multiple low-speed circuits, typically T1 links, in parallel, enabling a pay-as-you-grow strategy instead of paying the high cost of a T3 upgrade.
The Layer-2 interworking function on both DS3 interface types is designed to terminate PPP and/or bundled MLPPP sessions and map each individual connection to a standard Ethernet VLAN.
Enhanced MLPPP feature delivers increased bandwidth efficiencies.
The VLX300 provides up to 12 channelized DS3 interfaces for aggregation of T1-based IP business services, typically delivered with PPP, MLPPP, HDLC, or Frame Relay to enterprise routers at the customer premises.