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MLPPPMulti Link Ppp
MLPPPMulti-Link Point-To-Point Protocol
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Today, MFR and MLPPP have been implemented in multimegabit access concentrators that enable NxT1 service for service providers and their business customers.
The MFR and MLPPP protocols divide data packets into fragments and then transport them over each of the separate T1 or fractional T1 lines in the bundle.
The low latency of HDLC over IP enables the concurrent use of MLPPP T1 circuits with emulated circuits," said Mark Doyle Engage President.
Expanded support for MLPPP enables Telcos to provide data and voice over IP (VoIP) service to subscribers who are served from copper-fed remote terminals in which fiber cannot be installed.
MLPPP is a bandwidth-on-demand protocol that can connect multiple links between two systems as needed to provide bandwidth on demand.
Most T1/E1 aggregators are specialized and require a dedicated line card to support individual services such as traditional TDM using CES or MLPPP over ATM T1/E1 circuits.
Capable of delivering TDM, ATM, circuit emulation, and MLPPP services selectable by port, the T1/E1 modules are extremely well positioned to support evolving aggregation needs.
On the carrier side, the Access60 HDI supports PPP and MLPPP (multi-link PPP) interfaces that permit the combining of multiple T1 circuits into what acts like a single high-bandwidth pipe over which IP voice and data can be combined.
1p); TOS marking; UDP and TCP MLPPP packet fragmentation; and multi-link PPP (MLPPP) (RFC 1990) over Frame Relay fragmentation.
US LEC offers ATM, Frame Relay, Multi-Link Frame Relay, IP services including MLPPP, packet over SONET, and support of Voice over IP, all using best-in-class equipment.
When compared to MLPPP, low-order VCAT offers a reduction in the time required to transmit an entire Ethernet frame proportional to the number of VT1.
MLPPP aggregates multiple physical links into a single logical bundle allowing for customizable bandwidth services for enterprises that require NxT1 access services.