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MLPSManual Lever Position Sensor
MLPSModern Languages in the Primary School (Scottish primary education)
MLPSMartin Luther Preparatory School (Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin)
MLPSMedical Logistics Proponent Subcommittee
MLPSmulti-label protocol switching
MLPSMissing Sparsely-Spaced Localized Parts of the Algorithm (software fault)
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This boom has created a whole world of investment opportunities that will last for decades; MLPS that transport the newly discovered oil and natural gas, and companies that store or split natural gas liquids into butane, propane, or ethane.
MLPS chairman Stan McNally said: "It was the natural choice, based on Merseyside with the best prospect of success.
a leader in IBM Midrange migration products and developer of the award-winning BABY, Unibol and MLPS product lines, has announced the upcoming release of a new version of its popular Unibol 36 product.