MLRPMonotone Likelihood Ratio Property (statistics)
MLRPMain Library Redevelopment Project (UK)
MLRPMarine Corps Long-Range Plan
MLRPMean Left-Right Position (politics)
MLRPMultiple Lift Rigging Procedure
MLRPMedia Law Reform Project (Tanzania)
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Over that, though, MLRP placed a series of mirrored panels made of burnished steel.
The Mirror House is only one of a sequence of forward-thinking structures--including a new bridge with a delicate, loom-like steel railing--created by MLRP as part of the Faelledparken commission.
For their next project, a private waterfront house north of the city (due this fall), MLRP is in similar straits.
Tres aspectos relacionados con la robustez de los resultados principales del articulo son los siguientes: (i) actitud del principal frente al riesgo, (ii) plausibilidad del incumplimiento de la condicion de MLRP y (iii) numero de carteras disponibles para el agente.
La razon principal para la plausibilidad del incumplimiento de la condicion de MLRP se basa en que, en un ambiente de asimetria de informacion, el resultado de la relacion principal-agente cumple una dualidad de funciones.
Furthermore, we assume that the technology satisfies the MLRP.
Compensation increases with bank profits as one would expect for a technology that satisfies MLRP.
Beginning, then, with some interview data, the following comments were offered by one of MLRP subjects in response to the question: "to what in particular do you attribute your success or progress in French or lack of success or progress, depending on how you think things are going?
Indeed, Penfield relates early memories to language learning success much as our MLRP subject does, insisting that his own children's immersion in German and French in the nursery and at kindergarten greatly facilitated their coming to grips with these languages later in the setting of an English-medium school.
5) In a standard moral hazard setting of Holmstrom (1979), the differentiable version of MLRP states that [f.
1]]) > 0; Assumption 4 combined with the MLRP and Bayes' rule implies that d[mu].
13) The MLRP derives its name from the facts that f'([epsilon])/f([epsilon]) = d log f([epsilon]/d[epsilon], and that the function log f([[epsilon].