MLSDMaximum Likelihood Sequence Detection
MLSDMedical Lake School District (Medical Lake, WA)
MLSDMoses Lake School District (Moses Lake, Washington)
MLSDMinistry of Labor and Social Development (various nations)
MLSDMissing, Lost, Stolen, Damaged
MLSDMateriel and Logistics Systems Division (US Army Directorate for Combat Development)
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From the MLSD theory, the receiver makes a symbol decision of [[?
A normal idea is combining the metrics before symbol decision, but it will not work Since DSSSCPM signal format is nonlinear and MLSD algorithm is a sequence decision method, different from the conventional RAKE receiver computing the decision metrics symbol-by-symbol, we proposed a coherent RAKE receiver for DSSSCPM system, which accumulates the symbol branch metric increment in every phase state of the trellis structure over multiple paths instead.
Hence, the structure of the proposed reduced-state MLSD is simple and efficient, similar to the reduced-state MLSD [10] for the linear channels.
In section 3, we propose an efficient reduced-state MLSD structure based on the Volterr channel model.